CMO Begins

It's late Friday evening, and we've just returned to L'viv after a full day of ministry in the Carpathians. We have two film showings scheduled for this Sunday, July 15th. Today we visited both of those villages — Opaka and Zalokots — and distributed fliers inviting people to attend the showings. God blessed and everything went smoothly. We're excited to see what He is going to do on Sunday!

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Translation Complete!

In late 2016 and early 2017, we found ourselves facing a marked increase in demand for copies of Good and Evil in Ukrainian. At one point we were mailing out as many as 50 books per month to individual Ukrainians who were requesting them via our web site. At this rate, it wasn't long before our supplies were depleted and we were forced to disable the request form on our site.

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National Missionaries

Meet Anatoli and Anastasia! Or, as we've known them for many years, Tolik and Nastia. I was first introduced to Tolik and Nastia back in 2001 before they were married. They were teenagers then, both actively involved in their local Greater Grace church here in L'viv — the same church we attend today. Over the years I've watched them grow and mature in Christ, marry and start a family, and remain active in ministry.

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CMO is Back!

Carpathian Mountain Outreach 2018 will be our eleventh project — a few weeks of intense evangelism and hands-on missions training. To date, more than 40 men have trekked with our team through the mountains of western Ukraine, bringing the Gospel to multitudes. Listen to what they've been saying…

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