Today we are sad to announce that the Zhylavy family are leaving ETO. Anatoli, his wife Anastasia, and their four children have been part of our team for about two years, and their contributions to the ministry have been significant. In a recent email, Anatoli explained their decision:

"Unfortunately, I have to report to you, that, as a family, we made a decision to look for a new job for me. That means we are going to stay in the mission for some more time till I find something else. There are different reasons for us to do so, but all of them have nothing to do with the mission team or our supporters. You all have been such a big blessing to us and we are so thankful for all your support! We just need to move forward as a family, to grow professionally, to increase our income etc. So it's all about our family. The team here is amazing and, I know, they will continue doing great job here."

Anatoli is a talented linguist, and much of his work with ETO over the past two years has focused on translation and editing. In particular, our publication of the new Ukrainian edition of Good and Evil in mid-2018 would not have been possible without his outstanding translation work. Many native Ukrainians, having read Good and Evil, have commented about the quality of the text and how enjoyable it is to read.

As of this writing, the Zhylavy's are still with us since Anatoli has not yet finalized his new work arrangements. During the transition period, he is continuing to assist us with translation work as well as the day-to-day management of our Ukrainian correspondence course.

Although the Zhylavy's have only been official ETO team members for two years, we have known them personally for much longer. They are very dear friends, and they will be sorely missed. Please pray with us for God's direction, protection, and blessing on their family as they begin this new chapter of their lives.